Finnish Electrical Wholesalers' Federation (SSTL) has together with Electrical Designers´ association NSS created guidelines for creating of 3D product images for electrical design of buildings.

3D- and data modeling have become more common in designing of buildings. Also the need for 3D product images of electrical material to be used by electrical designers is increasing. 3D product image means the CAD object which displays the appearance of the product in three-dimensional image. It is used in modeling of buildings and spaces as well as in product information model -based design. With the help of 3D modeling it is possible to view appearance, dimensions and suitability of the product to the planned space already at the planning stage.

The target of the guidelines is to make it easier to create 3D product images, to increase their usability and therefore achieve cost savings as the same 3D image serves different design software.

An English version of these guidelines have been made so that the Finnish subsidiaries can easily serve their headquarters with this information.
An international commitment is very welcome.

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