Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK)


Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association (STK) is the association of electrical wholesalers, manufacturers and importers.

The association promotes competitiveness of its members and the total supply chain by providing information services and by contributing actively to the development of the electrical branch in Finland.

STK has circa 80 members of which 12 are wholesaling companies and the rest are manufacturers or importers. The association represents all major players of electrotechnical trade in Finland.

STK belongs to the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers. See

All commercial services of STK are provided by STK-Tietopalvelut Oy which is a limited company owned by the association.

The Association has an office with three employees in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

The Board of the Association consists of ten members, of whom majority represent electrical wholesalers.

STK Services


STK publishes quarterly the statistics about electrical wholesales. See statistics.

In addition to wholesales statistics STK produces quarterly statistics of light fittings, lamps and heating apparatus, twice a year wholesale price index of electrical products and annually statistics of sales of manufacturers and importers and their sales to wholesalers. 

4370415Product data services

STK product data services serve all levels of the distribution chain of electrical products in transfer of product data in uniform, fast, easy and cost-effective way.

Electrical numbers and product database

Electrical branch in Finland has a unique system – a product is identified by the same code in all it-systems of the supply chain. These common product codes – named sähkönumero (=electrical number) – are maintained by STK.  

The register – - includes in addition to the product codes a lot of product information which can be browsed free of charge. Electrical designers, contractors and webshop customers of electrical wholesalers can enter -product sheets directly with only one click from their operational systems.

There are annually 1,7 million visits at Sähkö

Sähkö (=electrical -service includes 240.000 electrical products of circa 500 suppliers with 1.300 product brands. In addition to base data Sähkö sheets include 250.000 photos, 90.000 product descriptions, 100.000 documents and 220.000 links to suppliers´ own product information. 125.000 products have technical data in accordance with ETIM-standard.

Development of product data processes

STK develops processes for product data management in co-operation with its members.

  • Sähkö ABC, General names vocabulary and guidelines how to write Technical names of the products.
  • Tuotetietostandard - STK standard - is an excel-model for delivery of product data.
  • Guidelines and tools for technical data as per ETIM-standard.

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Communication services

Member and branch communication

STK develops, Sähkö and Hyvinvointiasähköllä.fi- websites and adds up-to-date news which are of interest to the electrical branch to these sites daily.

STK informs its members with a monthly newsletter about the development of electrical industry and the activities of the federation.

WellbeingThroughElectricity 1rivi

STK together with other associations of electrical branch promotes themes of the Wellbeing Through Electricity –vision 2030 by organizing annual seminars, publishing e-newsletters and articles, driving an electric car etc.

Promotion and lobbying

Educational co-operation

STK co-operates with educational institutes and other associations in order to get well-educated professionals to electrical branch.

Electrical industry associations together participate in trade expos where careers of electrical branch are introduced to young people.

General lobbying

STK follows the development of the business environment and guards the interests of its members in co-operation with other electrical associations.


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