ETIM International is proud to announce that the Prysmian Group has joined ETIM International as its first Global Industry Member.

Prysmian Group, headquartered in Italy, is a world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, and known for their commercial brands Prysmian, Draka and General Cable. Operating 106 plants in over 50 countries, Prysmian Group has a global presence and currently employs about 29 thousand people.

The recently introduced ETIM International Global Industry Membership is open to manufacturers, wholesalers, buying groups and contractors that are already members of at least five different national ETIM organisations. As a Global Industry Member, Prysmian Group has direct access to and participates in the ETIM Standardisation Committee and expert groups – alongside national ETIM organisations. As such, the membership not only allows for a consistent and efficient alignment of corporate requirements, but also for optimal technical expert input of globally active companies to further develop, enhance and maintain the ETIM classification model.

Prysmian companies have been among the pioneers in ETIM standardisation and are active promoters since early days. Prysmian Group now has adopted the ETIM classification as a fundament to organise product information globally. Prysmian Group globally manufactures a wide product portfolio to cover a wide variety of local installation practices. The ETIM standards are helping Prysmian Group to streamline the exchange of product information with their local customers around the globe. Rob van Veen, Prysmian Group Senior Vice President Energy & Infra, says: “Sharing is multiplying! For Prysmian Group, ETIM is fundamental for the most efficient classification and with that the access to exchange the correct data in multiple languages to make our cables, concepts and sustainable solutions visible and available in all the search engines.”

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