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Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association

STK - Association of electrical wholesalers, manufacturers and importers




Turnover of the industry is two billion euros


Over 90 % of the industry's turnover is generated by members of STK

  • The association promotes competitiveness of its members and the total supply chain by providing information services and by contributing actively to the development of the electrical branch in Finland.
  • STK represents all major players of electrotechnical trade in Finland.
  • STK belongs to the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers.
  • All commercial services of STK are provided by STK-Tietopalvelut Oy which is a limited company owned by the association.
  • The Association's office is located in  Helsinki.


STK provides


Information services

STK publishes quarterly the statistics about electrical wholesales. In addition to wholesales statistics STK produces quarterly statistics of light fittings, lamps and heating apparatus and annually statistics of sales of manufacturers and importers and their sales to wholesalers.



Product data service - Sähkönumerot.fi

Sähkönumerot.fi-product data service contains information of 600 000 electrotechnical products. In addition to the basic data such as name and prodct identifiers, the service provides pictures, product descriptions, technical information, documents and links to suppliers' own product pages.

The service is industry's unique product database and it's widely used throughout the whole supply chain.



Promotion and lobbying

Educational co-operationSTK co-operates with educational institutes and other associations in order to get well-educated professionals to electrical branch.Electrical industry associations together participate in trade expos where careers of electrical branch are introduced to young people.General lobbyingSTK follows the development of the business environment and guards the interests of its members in co-operation with other electrical associations.



Communication services

STK develops stkliitto.fi-, Sähkönumerot.fi- and Hyvinvointiasähköllä.fi- websites. STK informs its members with a monthly newsletter about the development of electrical industry and the activities of the federation. STK together with other associations of electrical branch promotes themes of the Wellbeing Through Electricity –vision 2030 by organizing annual seminars, publishing e-newsletters and articles, driving an electric car etc.




PL 182 / Helsinki
tel. 0102211


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering their environmental impact. ABB has 155,000 employees in more than 100 countries. ABB Installation materials manufactures and markets electrical installation materials such as various switches, sockets and low voltage products for use in the construction industry. Product range also comprises EIB and PowerNet bus technology systems.

Ahlsell Oy

Kallionopontie 1 / Hyvinkää
tel. 020 584 5000


Ahlsell is present where people reside, work and live their lives. Ahlsell is the Nordic region’s leading distributor of installation products, tools and supplies for installation, construction, real estate management, industrial and power companies and the public sector. With an annual turnover of approximately 50 billion SEK, some 7,500 employees, more than 300 stores, e-commerce and four central warehouses, Ahlsell makes it easier to be professional.

Airam Electric Oy Ab

Sementtitehtaankatu 6 / Kerava
tel. 0207 545 600


Oy Airam Electric Ab is well esteemed, privately owned Finnish company. It's line of business is light sources, luminaires and leisure products such as batteries, coolers and thermos flasks. The company's own production covers special purpose lamps and luminaires assemblies.Airam, established in 1921, has a long tradition as a manufacturer and Airam quality has become a household name among end users. The company’s headquartered are located in Kerava, Finland. It's stock keeping units cover around 2000 products, of which c. 400 are lamps.

Aura Light Oy

Vapaalantie 2 A / Vantaa
tel. (09) 855 3640


Aura Light Oy is the Finnish subsidiary of the Swedish Aura Light International group. Aura is the developer and manufacturer of Aura Long Life Lights -fluorescent tubes, which have three times longer lifetime than other tubes. The company offers a long life, economical and environment friendly lighting solution to professional end-users. Aura Light Oy's partners in co-operation are the leading electrical wholesalers in Finland. Our product was previously known as Luma Long Life.

Boreo Oyj

Ansatie 5 / Vantaa


Boreo is a growth company that owns, acquires and develops B2B businesses in Northern Europe. Boreo’s Business Areas and Units act as independent businesses creating value in accordance with company specific strategies. Role of the mother company Boreo Plc is to develop the group and its Business Areas strategically and operatively. ?

Cablex Oy

Kärsämäentie 23 / Turku
tel. 040 5529758


Cablex is a Finnish material supplier founded in 2008. The company imports, stocks and markets electronics, electricity and automation products for equipment builders, machine builders and theis subcontractors. The portfolio is composed of cables, enclosures, connectors, components and tools. The core of the business is to be an active agent in the industry and to offer partners and their businesses multifaceted added value. The know-how of the company in material supply is based on long experience. The daily operation with both customers and manufacturers is steered by such guidelines as flexibility, responsibility and confidential co-operation. The portfolio with its wide selection of well-known, quality products with great specifications makes it well suited for demanding circumstances in Finland and in export locations.

Cadmatic Eac Oy

Heikinkatu 7 / Kotka
tel. 05 227 5100


Cadmatic EAC Oy offers a full software package of CAD design with the related support and customisation services. The first CADS was developed already over 30 years ago. The long experience with CAD design has made the company expert not only in software but also in user needs. The company develops the software continuously in cooperation with actors in the field of design. Cadmatic has had an co-operation agreement with S?hk?numerot.fi-product data service since 2005 and is the first member of STK in supporter member category.

Cariitti Oy

Munkinmäentie 9 / Kirkkonummi
tel. (09) 221 90440


Cariitti creates unique experiences in light. Cariitti Oy is a well-known Finnish family company, lighting specialist manufacturing fibre optic and led lighting. Cariitti's operations are based on an innovative approach as well as on a strong commitment to fulfill customer requirements. Cariitti is known for their high quality products and their profound professional know how.




The tool manufacturer from Bergisches Land. Since its foundation in 1827 CIMCO is one of the leading brands for the traditional tradesperson.

Danfoss Oy Ab

Niittytaival 13 / Espoo
tel. 020 701 0600


Danfoss is an international Group and a leader in research, development and production of mechanical and electronic components and solutions. Danfoss products help to heat and cool homes and offices, refrigerate food and control production lines.

Eaton Electric Oy

Riistakuja 1 / Vantaa.
tel. (09) 452 661


Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with 2010 sales of $13.7 billion. Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has approximately 73,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries.

EJOT Sormat Oy

Harjutie 5 / Rusko
tel. 020 794 0200


EJOT Sormat Oy is a Finnish subsidiary of EJOT-Group and the biggest manufacturer of fastening materials in the Nordic countries. Our operations and management models are based on a certified quality system in accordance with EN ISO 9001 quality system and EN ISO 14001 environmental system. We focus on manufacturing, marketing and supplying products, which are meant to be used in fixing of technical and structural elements and also different accessories related to electrical installations. Sormat, which is a trademark of EJOT Sormat Oy, is a guarantee of high-quality and safe fastening products.

Elektro-Valo Oy

Muottotie 4 / Uusikaupunki
tel. 020 7402460


Elektro-Valo Oy is a Finnish lighting manufacturer whose factory is located in Uusikaupunki. The company was founded in 1981. Elektro-Valo Oy manufactures and designs lighting solutions mainly for public spaces. The lighting solutions implemented by the company can be seen in offices, shopping malls, factories, sports halls, hospitals, schools and kindergartens.

Elpress Ab

Papinkatu 19 / Porvoo
tel. 040 538 9644


Since 1959 Elpress AB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing complete cable connecting systems for electrical conductors. The head office and factory are located at Kramfors, Sweden. Main market area is the Nordic countries and the Baltics. Certification, Consulting, Academy and Service are System Elpress – your secure connection!

Ensto Finland Oy

Ensio Miettisen katu 2 / Porvoo
tel. 020 476 21


Ensto designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation. Ensto, an international technology company and a family business, was founded in 1958 and employs ca. 1,600 passionate professionals in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Esylux Oy

Äyritie 12 B / Vantaa
tel. 020 779 2660


Esylux develops, manufactures and distributes intelligent automation and lighting solutions that ensure better quality of life and energy efficiency in office buildings, educational institutions and health facilities.

Etman Oy

Myllypuronkatu 30 / Tampere
tel. 040 746 2941


Etman develope's and produces its own products with installation materials, wiring assessories and LED-luminaires for Scandinavian markets. Etman Oy is the distributor for Finnish market where the main customer's are installation companies. Head office for Etman Oy is located in Tampere but the products are delivered ali over Finland. Continous R&D is based for customer feedback and Etman has constant development going on to fullfill the needs. Etman has its own distributors in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Etra Oy

Lampputie 2
tel. 020 765 45


Etra is a Finnish specialist technical retailer offering its customers a wide range of industrial products and services. Etra aims to be a comprehensive partner as a supplier and producer of industrial products and services, to develop cooperation with customers and suppliers, to build mutual trust and to streamline the procurement process by offering a wide range of products and services in one place.

Exilight Oy

Hermiankatu 6-8 A / Tampere
tel. 010 773 5400


Exilight offers its customers quality, design and modern luminaire selection with easy maintenance and access. Products are designed and manufactured in Finland in Tampere and Espoo. Exilight has been established in 2003 and is a part of Nordic Lagercrantz Group, a technology group in the areas of electronics, electricity, communication and related technology fields. Lagercrantz is active in seven countries in Europe and in China. Lagercrantz´s shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm since 2001.

F9 Distribution Oy

Hatanpään valtatie 48 / Tampere
tel. 03 4109 2800


F9 Distribution Oy is a Finnish IT distributor whose operations are guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. F9 helps its partners deliver various of all-in-one solutions in the IT sector and in consumer electronics, mobile devices, and presentation technology. Our carefully curated selection consists of the best manufacturers and solutions seamlessly included in F9's comprehensive service portfolio that is continuously developed according to market trends.

Fagerhult Oy

Mannerheimintie 113 / Helsinki
tel. 09 777 1580


The Fagerhult Group develops, manufactures and markets professional lighting systems for public environments as well as offering a range of decorative lighting. It is the largest lighting group in the Nordic region and a leading force in Europe with approximately 2,000 employees

Feilo Sylvania Finland Oy

Vantaankoskentie 14 / Vantaa
tel. 09 5421 2100


Feilo Sylvania is a leading, full-spectrum provider of professional and architectural lighting solutions. Built on over a century of expertise in lamps and luminaires, Feilo Sylvania supplies internationally state-of-the art products and systems to the public, commercial and private sectors. Feilo Sylvania strives to deliver the finest products, service and consulting possible.

Fibox Oy Ab

Keilaranta 19 / Espoo
tel. 020 778 5700


Fibox, a privately owned Finnish company, is one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in the world, and is the market leader in thermoplastic enclosures used for protecting electrical and electronic components operating in hostile environments. FIBOX enclosures are manufactured in modern factories located in Finland, Germany, China and Republic of Korea.

Finnparttia Oy

Joutnantie 76 / Perniö
tel. 02 727200


Finnparttia is a traditional family-owned electrical wholesale company. Finnparttia invests in customer satisfaction by having experienced salesmen and a big stock (over 12 000 different products). The main product lines are installation products, lighting, cables, automation and motors. Finnparttia has a 5200 m² warehouse and a 1000 m² shop in Salo, Perni?. Most important customer groups are installation, maintenance and industrial companies. Finnparttia is a part of the Fegime collaboration.

Finnsat Oy

Yrittäjäntie 15 / Seinäjoki
tel. 020 742 0148


Finnsat Oy develops, manufactures, imports and markets audio- and video-technology to B2B customers and resellers. Finnsat has over 40 years experience in antenna ja data networks in Finland. The company is specializing in network solutions for coaxial, fiber optic and wifi, digital signage solutions, services and systems for digitally relaying video-, audio- and data signals. The main market is in Finland, but Finnsat has also customers in all Baltic countries.

Fluke Finland Oy

Teknobulevardi 3-5 / Vantaa
tel. 0800 111862


Fluke´s mission is to be the world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools. The company´s products are used by technicians and engineers in service, installation, maintenance, manufacturing test, and quality functions in a variety of industries throughout the world. Fluke, founded in 1948, has offices in 13 European countries and distributes its products to over 100 countries internationally. European revenues constitute approximately 40 % of worldwide sales. Fluke´s headquarters are located in Everett, Washington State and the company employes over 2,500 people internationally. European sales and service headquarters are located in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

FSM Oy Fonel Security Marketing

Kolmenkulmantie 1 / Nokia
tel. 020 7559500


FSM has been the brigde between the leading security manafacturers and the Finnish security integrators and installers since 1991. You will always find a solution which will fit for your unique needs. You will get anything what you need from one contact. The excellent service means easy and pleasant purchase process, professional and available support (even at your site), continuous training, good warranty and spare part services, fluent RMA processes, flexible payment terms and other financing alternatives and a wide range of delivery option even in 2 hours at the site.

GARO Finland Oy

Olarinluoma 7 / Espoo
tel. 040 7373 763


Garo Finland Oy is part of the Swedish GARO Group, which imports and markets electrical products and accessories designed and manufactured by Garo Ab. The wide range of products is available in electrical supply stores throughout the country. The GARO group has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Poland. GARO develops, manufactures and supplies innovative products and systems for the electrical installation industry under its own brand name. The company has operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Poland.

Greenled Oy

Oritkarintie 4
tel. 020 125 5800


Greenled is a turnkey lighting solution provider to companies and the public sector. We assist our customers in adding value to their business activities by offering lighting solutions with respect to the principles of sustainable development. Our offer covers everything from single products to management and execution of large-scale lighting projects.

Greenlux Lighting Solutions Oy

Mekaanikonkatu 1
tel. +358 29 3700 670


GreenluxLight is a pioneer in advanced LED general lighting solutions in the Nordic countries. GreenluxLight luminaires are designed and manufactured in Finland, giving them a Nordic look and design. GreenluxLight has extensive experience in lighting for retail stores, parking garages, warehouses, and industrial spaces, and it has been the primary choice for these applications in the Nordic region since 2007.

Glamox Oy

Karhumäenkuja 2 / Vantaa
tel. 010 841 0440


Glamox is a Norwegian company that develops, manufactures and delivers lighting solutions to the professional building markets worldwide. Glamox brands are: Glamox, Aqua Signal, Luxo, Høvik Lys, Norselight, LINKSrechts and Küttel. Glamox fulfills customers’ needs by offering high quality products, solutions and services.

Hedtec Oy Ab

Lauttasaarentie 50 / Helsinki
tel. 0207 638 200


Oy Hedtec Ab is a dynamic importing and marketing enterprise in the electrotechnical field. Oy Hedtec Ab is a part of the Hedenren Group.

Helkama Bica Oy

Lasitehtaankatu 12 / Hanko
tel. 02 410 8700


Helkama Bica specializes in the development and production of marine and telecom cables with experience in this field going back over fifty years. Helkama provides solutions and manufactures different types of cables for Marine, Telecom, lndustrial, Flexible, Offshore (SHF2}, Optical fiber, lnstrumentation and Fire-resistant applications. The company has production facilities in Kaarina and Hanko in Finland, and one in Shanghai, China. Helkama exports yearly to more than 60 countries all over the world and is known as a stable partner for several multinational corporations. Helkama stands for quality, flexibility and outstanding persona! service, and together with a wide partner network can supply the full scope of all cabling related needs.


Äyritie 12 B / Vantaa
tel. (09) 8700 450


HellermannTyton in Finland is the sales office of Swedish HellermannTyton AB. It imports and markets components and devices to electrical and electronic industry.

Helvar Oy Ab

Keilaranta 5 / Espoo
tel. (09) 5654 1


Helvar specialises in ballasts and lighting electronics used by luminaire manufacturers and other companies involved in lighting. Helvar’s ballasts and lighting control electronics form a coherent product range. It includes electromagnetic ballasts, standard and controllable electronic ballasts along with analogue and digital lighting control electronics.

Infradex Oy

Ansatie 5 D / Vantaa
tel. (09) 876 1011


Infradex Oy, established in 1987, is Finland's leading importer of thermal imaging camera systems. The company markets and sells thermal imaging cameras and test & measurement tools for multiple applications. The product portfolio includes FLIR thermal imaging cameras and measurement devices, Extech test & measurement tools, Retrotech blower doors, CI Systems electro-optical test and measurement equipment and DJI professional drones and aerial photography systems.

I-Valo Oy

Tehtaantie 3 b / Iittala
tel. 010 501 3000


I-Valo Oy develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for residential, commercial and industrial installations. Company belongs to the international Fagerhult group.

Kajote Oy

Orvokintie 9 / Porvoo
tel. 0400 422 858


Kajote Oy is a Finnish family owned company founded in 1960. Kajote produces cables for building and production industries. The main market area is Finland but products are also exported to other EU-countries. The national wholesalers and industry are the main customers of the company.

Kamic Installation Ab

Kylvöpolku 6 / Helsinki
tel. 010 8238 200


Kamic Installation Oy markets security and lighting products. Kamic is part of Swedish Kamic Group. The main product range consists of intruder, CCTV, emergency lighting and doorphone systems as well as UPS devices, sealed acid batteries and consumer products such as smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.

Karlux Oy

Paassillantie 1 / Hollola
tel. (03) 881 0041


Karlux Oy has been a traditional domestic lightning manufacture for outdoor luminaires since 1983. Distribution goes through wholesalers in Finland. Our own design and production with new factory facilities at Hollola quarantees flexible service and solutions for all kind projects.

Katko Oy

Ruosilantie 2 / Helsinki
tel. (09) 849 600


Katko is a Finnish family-owned specialized switch manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality load break switches, isolators, switch fuses and accessories. Katko operates on all continents in over 60 countries around the world.

Kauppahuone Harju Oy

Myllypuronkatu 30 / Tampere
tel. 020 743 1330


Kauppahuone Harju Oy has been founded 1979 and it is an import/export company. Kauppahuone Harju offers a large assortment of technical products. The main product groups are electrical products together with Einhell branded power and garden tools. Kauppahuone Harju represents Etman branded installation materials and Tillex fasteners and cable clips. They also sell and promote electrical products with their own Electrogear brand.


Äyritie 20 / Vantaa
tel. +358 50 372 0210


Inventronics is a global organization with a headquarters in China and additional offices across the world. Our strategically located warehouses, combined with our extensive global partner network, enable us to efficiently serve customers worldwide.

Klinkmann Oy

Fonseenintie 3 / Helsinki
tel. (09) 540 4940


Klinkmann is the leading Finnish industrial provider of digitalization and electrification solutions. We offer solutions, training and support services which help our customers to improve their products and operations. Our technical focus areas comprise machine and production automation, industrial data communication and IoT as well as electrical panel components and energy solution technologies from Rockwell Automation, Aveva Wonderware, Belden Hirschmann, Chint and many other world leading manufacturers.

KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG branch Finland

Oberkamper Str. 13
tel. +49 202 47 94 279


The pliers specialists. Our fundamental idea is to focus. Only as specialists can we offer our customers top performance and survive against global competition. In over 140 years, we have accumulated a very extensive pliers and manufacturing know-how, which can be found in every single pair of KNIPEX pliers. What we can do and know today is not enough for the future. That is why we work on constant improvement everywhere in the company – in terms of products, processes, our organisation and our skills. Made in Wuppertal, Germany We manufacture exclusively in Germany, at the founding location in Wuppertal. With a vertical range of manufacture of almost 100%, we can control all production steps and directly influence and continuously improve them to the best possible quality. From the product idea to the delivery of the finished pliers to our customers: we do everything under one roof. Short distances and direct dialogue enable close coordination of all processes and the exchange of all employees involved

Laatuantenni Oy

Rälssintie 4 / Helsinki
tel. 040 7220124


Laatuantenni Oy is Finland's oldest import company operating in the antenna industry and a company providing expert services. Laatuantenni has worked in the industry actively for almost 60 years. Over the years, the product range is expanded from antenna products and now covers a comprehensive range, which includes both aerial network products from cables to antennas, as well as fiber, network, and multi-operator networks product ranges. As a recent addition, the company has expanded its business to design side and offers not only the import af products but aisa radio intranets designs and consulting services.

Lapp Automaatio Oy

Martinkyläntie 52 / Vantaa
tel. 020 764 6410


Lapp Automaatio Oy, Finland’s leading importer of automation and electrical components for machine building, represents the best component manufacturers. The company offers an extensive product range and customized total solutions. Its service is based on delivery speed and quality, cost-effectiveness, and no risk for the customer. Our products and services are automation and safety components, cables and cable accessories, power supply and control devices, instruments and temperature measurement and alarm devices, housings and connectors.

Ledimo Oy

Mustionkatu 8 / Turku
tel. 040 9000 700


Founded in 2014, Ledimo is a Finnish manufacturer and importer of LED-luminaires. Our business is based on high quality, cost and energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The company is backed by multi-talented electricians and lighting technicians. Our supply chain is highly automated and the value chain is carefully thought through.

Ledvance Oy

Vantaankoskentie 14 / Vantaa
tel. (09) 7422 3300


LEDVANCE is one of the world's leading manufacturers of general lighting products, serving both lighting professionals and end-users. It offers a wide range of LED luminaires, advanced LED lamps, smart home and smart building solutions, and traditional light sources.

Legrand Finland Oy

Linnoitustie 11
tel. 020 4865 010


Legrand is a global expert in electrification. We offer a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art electrical solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by transforming the spaces we live, work, and meet in. Legrand.fi/en

Lem-Kem Oy

Vieterikatu 11 / Lahti
tel. 020 7549 400


Lem-Kem is the leading provider of carbon neutral sustainable energy solutions, energy efficient lighting and sustainable maintenance products for all buildings in Finland. Combining our solutions makes it possible to transform any property into truly Carbon Neutral Building while saving costs. We are the leading provider of turnkey Solar Power Plants in Finland with our own import, design and assembly. Our unique understanding of different property needs comes from almost 40 years of experience in sustainable maintenance sector.


Lival/ Sipoo - Nordic Aluminium/ Pikkala


Lival is a specialist in shop lighting and Europe's leading manufacturer of track lighting. Lival develops and manufactures innovative LED lighting solutions - setting new standards in design, technology and efficiency. Nordic Aluminium, part of the Lival Group, is a leading Finnish manufacturer of chain track products with a production capacity of more than 6 million metres per year. Energy efficiency and ecology are important issues for both Lival and Nordic Aluminium. The products are distributed in Finland by the electrical distributors Sonepar, Onninen, Rexel and Ahlsell

Malux Finland Oy

Työpajantie 13a / Porvoo
tel. (019) 574 5700


Malux Finland Oy is a part of Swedish Malux AB. During four decades Malux Finland has evolved into a significant partner and supplier for many Nordic and Baltic companies that operate internationally. The specialties of Malux are electric and automation technology products, lighting solutions as well as communication devices, for demanding environments (especially ATEX).

Meka Pro Oy

Konetie 25 / Oulu
tel. 0207 450 800


Meka Pro Oy Ltd is a Finnish company with a business strategy to produce high quality and competitive cable support systems for the various construction projects. MEKA® product range includes cable ladders, cable trays, wire mesh trays, lighting tracks, Instal® -cable trunkings and -socket poles as well as unipro® lighting tracks. High quality products are designed with the latest technology. The product development work is done in close co-operation with our customers and end users. We focus on the development of versatile installation components that ensure easy and fast mounting. Meka is one of the leading manufacturers in the Nordic countries with main market areas in Finland, Sweden, Baltic, Russia and Europe.


Fordonsvägen 17
tel. +46 36 3320700


Melbye Scandinavia is a technical trading and manufacturing house that supplies products and system solutions for infrastructure - roads and facilities, fibre networks, energy, installation.

Merilux Oy

Työpajankatu 2 / Helsinki
tel. (09) 894 64 014


Merilux offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for controlling lighting, heating and air conditioning - electric or water-circulation. The product range is extensive, from basic solutions for the electrification of buildings to automation solutions and high-tech products for industrial applications.

M-Light Oy

Seljankuja 3 / Kerava
tel. 050 514 2224


M-Light Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, part of the Finnish Hahle Group. The luminaires are designed and manufactured in the Muurame production unit with 15 years of experience. The product range includes permanently installed indoor and outdoor luminaires as well as luminaires for demanding spaces. M-Light Oy cooperates with major European lighting manufacturers, which enables us to carry out large and demanding projects with our products. All products are manufactured according to strict EU criteria and take into account Nordic conditions.

Naficon Liitin Oy

Lahdentie 7 D / Nauvo
tel. 020 835 1662


Fiber Optic products almost at the speed of light.

Nestor Cables Oy

Mittarikuja 5 / Oulu
tel. 0400 847 837


Nestor Cables Ltd. develops, manufactures and sells both optical and copper telecommunication, industrial and special cables as well as fibre optic cable accessories. Typical customers are telecom operators, network contractors and wholesalers. Fibre optic cables are also used in power stations, security sector, industrial facilities and various special projects such as data centers and wind power farms.

Nexans Finland

Kauppakartanonkatu 7 A 88 / Helsinki
tel. 040 5505 485


Nexans product range covers all segments of industry, infrastructure and electrical contracting,


Kallviksvägen 18 / Sweden
tel. 040 8010755


NKT is a global leader in the fourth industrial revolution thanks to its expertise in power transmission and cost-effective, state-of-the-art manufacturing process. NKT develops, manufactures and markets high-quality cables, accessories and solutions for electrical infrastructure, construction and railways.

Norwesco Ab

Jokikaari 1 / Karjaa
tel. 040 556 7988


Norwesco AB has manufactured electrical equipment since 1939. The product range includes easily installed and used, smartly designed safety switches, safety socket outlets and timers to both industrial and home usage. All product manufacturing and development happens in Sweden. Since 2010 Norwesco AB has been a part of Lagercrantz Group. Norwesco is Safety!

Nylund-Group Oy Ab

Masalantie 375 / Masala
tel. 010 2170 310


Nylund is a Finnish, established, family owned growth company. Nylund sells total solutions for data networks and lighting as well as electronic components and production equipment. The selection consists of alternatives that save energy and are ecologically sustainable.

OBO Bettermann Oy

Ilvesvuorenkatu 45 / Nurmijärvi
tel. 0207 417500


OBO BETTERMANN Finland Oy is the subsidiary of the German OBO BETTERMANN GmbH & Co. It was founded in 2000.

Oem Finland Oy

Fiskarsinkatu 3 / Turku
tel. 040 341 2412


OEM Finland Oy is a specialist in industrial components and importer of many of the world's leading brands. OEM Finland Oy is part of the Swedish OEM International group, which is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The group operates in 14 countries. Brands include OEM Automatic, OEM Electronics and Hide-a-lite.

Onninen Oy

Työpajankatu 12 / Helsinki
tel. 0204 85 5111


Onninen provides comprehensive material and information flow solutions to contractors, industry, public organizations, technical product retailers and suppliers. We are a Finnish company and have operated in the industry since 1913. We have 3,200 employees in our Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Baltic operations. Our pro forma net sales were around EUR 1.5 billion in 2015. Onninen Oy is part of Kesko Group.

Orbis Oy

Vanha Kaarelantie 9 / Vantaa
tel. 020 478 830


The Finnish family-owned company Orbis Oy has operated at the forefront of the technology since 1949. Today we develop solutions for the digital society and its next generation mobile networks and smart cities. We offer know-how on RF and fiber optic cabling technologies, which is needed to ensure reliable data communication in buildings, data centers, devices and industry as well as in smart citites and telecom operation networks. Our head office is located in Finland and we operate also in the Baltic states and Russia.

Ouneva Oy

PL 4 / Tuuppovaara
tel. (013) 683 7200


Ouneva produces cable terminals for both Al- and Cu- cables. Large part of Ouneva’s production is in sub-contracting and tailor made products. Ouneva’s newest own products are EMC-glands and cable spreading boxes for both normal and EMC-shielded cables.

Perel Oy

Torpankatu 28 / Hyvinkää
tel. (019) 871 11


Perel is 100% family-owned Finnish enterprise. Perel Oy belongs to Perel Group, who has local offices also in Estonia and Russia. Perel is especially known for technical expertise: we know what we are selling, our technical product managers are trained for the product lines that we represent, and we can suggest a working solution for our customer’s needs. We also have a service team in Finland, so we can calibrate, repair, assemble and train our customers for most of the products that we sell.

Pinja Digital Oy

Lutakonaukio 7 / Jyväskylä
tel. 010 347 2600


Pinja is an international and fast-growing software company. We employ 550 professionals and serve our clients in more than 30 countries. We enable building industrial innovation and a digital society for example by offering various SaaS and BI solutions to our clients.

Performance In Lighting Oy Finland

Tikkurikuja 1 / Helsinki
tel. 010 4221 860


Performance in Lighting Oy Finland joined the global GEWISS Group in 2023. It is part of the global Performance in Lighting Group, which has lighting factories in both Europe and the USA. The product range includes office and industrial lighting, architectural lighting, spotlights, outdoor lighting and public lighting. All luminaires are developed and designed in Belgium, Italy and Germany with the aim of producing luminaires with Italian design and German quality.

Phoenix Contact Oy

Niittytie 11 / Vantaa
tel. (09) 350 9020


Phoenix Contact´s branches of activities are electrical connection technology and automation. The firm produces and markets products and solutions from modern terminal block up to decentralized, open automation. The products are manufactured in three continents and in six countries: Germany, USA, China, India, Brazil and Poland. The headquarters of the concern are located in Germany and subsidiaries are located in 33 countries. The customers consist of electric, electronic and automation industries. More than 20 000 products are divided to six main product groups: CLIPLINE terminal blocks, PLUSCON industry plug connectors, COMBICON printed circuit board terminals, INTERFACE automation components, TRABTECH surge voltage protectors and AUTOMATIONWORX automation products.

Pipelife Finland Oy

Kiviharjunlenkki 1 E / Oulu
tel. (030) 600 2200


Pipelife Finland’ is one of Finland's leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems. Pipelife Finland’s electrical conduit and cable duct products include the right choice for protecting electrical installations inside building structures and protecting underground electric/data cables.

Pistesarjat Oy

Kylänportti 2 / Espoo
tel. 010 4238 770


Pistesarjat Oy sells defrosting, heating, electrical and telecommunication solutions. The product range also includes fire resistant cable, industrial heating and telecommunications systems, components, supply and installation from world leading manufacturers.

Proton Lighting Suomi Oy

Jaakonkatu 3 / Vantaa
tel. 010 387 2270


We develop and sell luminaires and lighting solutions for industrial and public spaces, as well as customized solutions. Founded in 1945, we are a Swedish family business with over 70 years of experience in the lighting industry. We are part of the Proton Group, a privately owned industrial group. Our activities are focused on limited segments where we are competitive in terms of price-performance ratio and are able to meet the timeframes required by the market. Our products are designed for the Nordic market. Our head office is located in Värnamo, southern Sweden, and we employ more than 100 people.

Prysmian Group Finland Oy

Kaapelitie 68 / Pikkala
tel. 010 5661


With over 110 years of experience, Prysmian Group Finland Oy offers the widest cable selection on the market in Finland. The company employs about 650 professionals in Pikkala in Kirkkonummi and Rusko in Oulu. Prysmian and Draka products have established the company as the pioneering provider of high-tech cable solutions. Prysmian Group Finland Oy is part of the world's largest manufacturer of energy and telecommunications cables and cable systems, Prysmian Group. In 2022-2023, the international Group granted investments of more than EUR 220 million to expand the production capacity of the Pikkala plant. Pryssmian Group has 108 factories in more than 50 countries and is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

Purmo Group Finland Oy Ab

Tupakankatu / Pietarsaari
tel. (06) 768 9111


Purmo is a leading supplier of sustainable indoor climate comfort solutions to stakeholders and customers.

Purso Oy

Alumiinitie 1 / Siuro
tel. (03) 3404 111


Purso is a Finnish, international family company founded in 1959, specializing in aluminum solutions, with its headquarters and roots in Siuro. We use 60% recycled aluminum in our products and the luminaire bodies are made of 100% recycled aluminum. We have our own smelter plant in Ikaalinen where recycled aluminum is produced as an extrusion raw material. Lighting was established as a business area in Purso's operations in 2012. We design and manufacture the luminaires we sell in Siuro at our own factory. For luminaires, we use the SNEP® registered trademark. Typical applications for our luminaires are industry, logistics, retail stores, parking garages, sports facilities, offices and public spaces. The luminaire collection is designed to be customized to best suit the target. To support the product selection, we have brought to our website the SNEP® product selector, which seeks to individually select the right features and provide all the necessary files and attachments to support it. We are a fast and reliable supplier for lighting projects of all sizes. Our energy efficiency starts with production, continuing from product features to a reliable long life cycle.

Ramboll Finland Oy

Itsehallintokuja 3 / Espoo
tel. 020 755 611


Ramboll is a global engineering, architecture and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945.

Reka Kaapeli Oy

Kaapelikatu 2 / Hyvinkää
tel. 0207 20020


Reka Cables Ltd has been at the forefront of the cable industry for more than 60 years. We provide durable, high-standard cable solutions for renewable energy production, network construction, industry as well residential and office construction. Reka Cables is a part of the Nexans Group. We work for a sustainable future, supporting digitalization and sustainable energy production. Together we want to achieve our ambitious goal – Electrify the future.

Rexel Finland Oy

Varastokatu 9 / Hyvinkää
tel. 010 509 311


Rexel Finland Oy is one of Finland’s leading wholesale distributors in electricity. Rexel is an easy and reliable partner in all situations and we have hundreds of experts always available for you all over Finland. Our extensive selection of products, innovative services, and efficient and well-functioning logistics makes everyday life run smoother. Customer relations are important to us, therefore, we listen, learn from the past and invest in the future. Welcome to Rexel – your full-service electricity wholesaler! We are a part of international Rexel Group.

SAAS-Instrumentti Oy Ab

Henry Fordin katu 5 / Helsinki B
tel. 09 6860 610


SAAS has spent the last three decades helping our customers discover a whole new level of meaning in lighting. Whether you are looking for the right ready-made components, elegant lighting fixtures, or want to work with us on creating a completely tailor-made solution, we will help design a lighting scenario that suits your needs- and exceeds your expectations.

Sauna360 Oy

Pohjoinen Pallbontie 1 / Hanko
tel. 020 7560 300


Sauna360 is the world´s leading and most progressive sauna manufacturer. The company produces and markets the most complete line of sauna products including pre-fabricated as well as taylor-made sauna rooms, steam bath products, sauna heaters, control units and sauna accessories.

Schneider Electric Finland Oy

Sokerilinnantie 11C / Espoo
tel. 010 446 610


As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. Focused on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient, the company's 100,000 plus employees achieved sales of 15.8 billion euros in 2009, through an active commitment to help individuals and organizations “Make the most of their energy”.

Selcast Oy

Kilantie 19 / Karjaa
tel. (019) 278 5800


Selcast is a 1945 founded company in Karjaa in southern Finland, specialized in the field of casting aluminium producing high quality, robust, high protection-classified (upto IP67) electrical installation material as well as customer-specified enclosures and industrial components for use in demanding environments. Since Selcast Oy masters the entire production process, it can fulfill the special requirements of its customers with great flexibility. The product range consists of terminal boxes, switches, socket-outlets, flanges, distribution boxes as well as the above mentioned taylor-made enclosures and components. Many of the products are approved for use also in marine conditions. The marketing distribution takes place as well through wholesalers as directly to the industry. Export mainly to the EU-countries and recently to Far-East.

Sg Armaturen Oy

Metsänneidonkuja 12 / Espoo
tel. 020 7303 960


Sg Armaturen Oy is pari of Norwegian mother company Sg Armaturen AS. Company is operating on Nordic and European markets by its own sales units. Product portfolio covers lighting solutions to public and private applications.Products are well know of their high quality, easy installation and competitive price-quality ratio. Sg has its centracl stock in Norway from which it can supply mote Ihan 2500 different article types to its customers immediately. ln addition, European factory in Denmark can produces totally tailor made products to customers special project needs. Distribution is only via electrical wholesalers. AII products has minimum 5 years guarantee Most downlights has 10 years guarantee and outdoor lights has 10 years corrosion guarantee.

SLV GmbH / SLV Nordics

Flade engvej 4 / Denmark


Inspired by German engineering, SLV quickly grew from its roots in Übach-Palenberg, Germany, to open 11 foreign subsidiaries, and began shipping professional luminaires to over 100 countries around the world. Today, SLV is a global leader in providing future-proof lighting solutions. The B2B brand focuses on balancing innovative technology, modern design and customer-friendly prices, while offering first-class service and high quality to its customers.

Siemens Osakeyhtiö

Tarvonsalmenkatu 1 / Espoo
tel. 010 511 51 51


Siemens provides innovative technologies and expert services to the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. In addition, Siemens is a major player in the Finnish and Baltic IT services market. Siemens companies in Finland include Siemens Osakeyhtiö, Medical Solutions, Siemens Medical Diagnostics, Oy Osram Ab and Siemens Financial Services. Siemens Osakeyhtiö has subsidiaries in the Baltic countries, AS Siemens in Estonia, Siemens SIA in Latvia and UAB Siemens in Lithuania. Other Siemens companies in Finland are BSH Kodinkoneet Oy and Nokia Siemens Networks, in which Siemens has a 50 percent stake.

Signify Finland Oy

Teknobulevardi 3-5 / Vantaa
tel. (09) 615 800


Signify Finland Oy is a forerunner in smart connected LED lighting in both professional and home applications. We are a trusted supplier with long experience and innovation leadership in indoor and outdoor luminaires and in lamps. Philips Lighting is a global market leader.

Sonepar Suomi Oy

Ritakuja 2 / Vantaa
tel. 010 283 11


Sonepar Suomi Oy the largest Finnish distributor of electrical, telecom and automation products with the country’s most comprehensive product selection. Sonepar caters for electrical contractors, power and telecom companies, network building and industrial companies as well as the public sector at Sonepar webshop and at its 36 branches throughout Finland. Sonepar Suomi Oy is a member of the international Sonepar Group - the world’s leading electrical product distributor.

Spelsberg Oy

Äyritie 12 B / Vantaa
tel. (09) 47892255


Spelsberg is one of the leading international manufacturers in the electrical industry and is mainly active in the fields of electrical installation and enclosure technology. The family-owned company develops and sells products and systems for the electrical trade s and industry and is a competent solution provider for all tasks related to enclosures. Spelsberg stands for safety, high-quality and technical performance since 1904 and has its own VDE and UL-certified testing laboratories. The company operates worldwide with its own subsidiaries and distribution partners and employs around 450 people in its headquarters in Schalksmuhle (NRW), the production plant in Buttstädt (Thuringen) and its subsidiaries.

Suomen 3M Oy

Keilaniementie 1 / Espoo
tel. (09) 525 21


3M produces thousands of innovative products for dozens of diverse markets. Known 3M brands and products used in Electrical and Telecom industry are different Scotch® tapes and Scotchcast™ resins and resin closure kits. 3M sales also splicing and termination kits used for electrical and communications networks. Those kits can be selected as heat shrink or heat free alternatives. Scotchlok™ and Volition products are patented inventions and the pioneers in the communication market. Both brands have grown to the wide range of the product families. 3M™ Dynatel™ test equipments are well known tools among the professionals working with electrical and communication outside plant networks. 3M Personal protective equipments like di-electric combination 3M™ Peltor® helmets specially designed for electrical environments are well known among the industry.

T.Stenbacka Oy Ab

Emalikatu 2B / Järvenpää
tel. 020 7432 320


Oy T. Stenbacka Ab is an electrical-engineering agency and wholesaler. The company was founded in 1963 and has developed into a leading supplier in its sector in Finland. Company imports and markets a wide range of electrotechnical materials, equipment, machines, lighting systems and special tools for the electrotechnical industry and wholesalers. Company also manufactures and supplies carbon brushes for electromotors in Finland.

Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy

Autokeskuksentie 16 / Pirkkala
tel. (03) 2515 111


Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy is an importer and distributor of electromecanical products and special components. The company, which was founded 1968, is known by its abbreviated name TSP. Tampereen Sähköpalvelu Oy is marketing products for cable connecting, protecting, fixing and marking with special cables and Local Area Networks supported by strong knowledge.

Teknoware Oy

Ilmarisentie 8 / Lahti
tel. (03) 883 020


Teknoware Oy is an internationally operating lighting and electronics company from Finland, that designs and manufacturers LED lighting systems for public vehicles, such as trains, buses and trams, as well as emergency lighting systems for buildings and ships. Teknoware employs about 400 people, of which 260 in Lahti, Finland. Teknoware's products are manufactured in Lahti, and in Connecticut, U.S.A., and exported to over 50 countries worldwide. Both the electronics and the mechanics are designed and manufactured at Teknoware's own factories. In addition to over 20 partner companies, Teknoware has its own sales offices in Arab Emirates, Brazil, Sweden and the U.S.A.

Teleste Oyj

Seponkatu 1 / Littoinen
tel. (02) 260 5611


Teleste is an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services. The group is active in two business segments: Video and Broadband Solutions which focuses on product solutions and Network Services which focuses on comprehensive network service solutions.

TESE Denmark ApS



Telemecanique Sensors has more than 90 years of expertise and is recognised as a worldwide specialist in the field of sensors. We cover the wide environment of sensors from electromechanic to electronic products and from detection to identification and distance measurement.

Tele-Tukku Oy

Mikontie 3 / Järvenpää
tel. (09) 4133 2200


TELE-TUKKU is an importer and wholesaler of electronic components and accessories since 1963 and thus one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the industry in Finland. We are located in the vicinity of the metropolitan area by good transport links, only about a quarter from the airport. Our team and Our 12,000 stock items range, as well as fast and reliable deliveries, guarantee our customers a good service experience. Our sales are served both by phone and by personal customer visits. shop.tele-tukku.fi In our online store, customers can see current stock levels and customer-specific prices with discounts.

Theben Oy

Liikkalankuja 6 / Helsinki
tel. (09) 4242 7877


Theben Oy Energy saving comfort is a daughter company of German Theben AG. The company is one of the leading manufacturer of air-, heat-, and time controlling. The company is one of the leading producer for housing automation products like KNX.

Tyco Electronics Finland Oy

Konalantie 47 F / Helsinki
tel. (09) 512 3420


TE Connectivity offers a broad range of high quality electronic component products. We offer solutions for OEM applications, utility/energy, outside plant and premise networking installations and more. Products from well-known brand names include connectors/interconnection systems, terminal blocks, relays, electronic modules, circuit protection devices, fiber optic components, wire and cable, switches, wireless components, sensors, printed circuit boards, touchscreens and application tooling. We also provide products to insulate, protect, hold, bundle and identify electrical harnesses.

Uponor Infra Oy

Kouvolantie 365 / Nastola
tel. 020 129 211


Uponor is a leading international supplier of plumbing and heating systems for the residential and commercial building markets. In the Nordic countries, Uponor is also a prominent regional supplier of municipal infrastructure pipe systems. The Group's key applications are sold in over hundred countries.


Ahjontie 1 / Ulvila
tel. (02) 550 800


UTU Oy is one of the leading sales and marketing companies for electro technical quality brand products in Finland. For customers´ benefit, UTU has carefully chosen their partners to be suppliers who are renowned suppliers of quality in their own product areas. UTU’s main product areas are standard distribution panels, enclosures and components for distribution panel installations, cable management systems and KNX-based building automation systems. Beside quality products, UTU Oy can offer their experience, customer and marketing expertise, engineering know-how and logistical services to solve and help their customers in various projects.

Wago Finland Oy

Perintötie 2 c / Vantaa
tel. 040 544 2030


WAGO is the market leader in screwless, spring-loaded connection technology and one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and automation systems for this technology. The company's broad product portfolio includes in-line connectors, connectors, PCB connectors, electronic modules and I/O systems, each offering tremendous benefits to industrial automation and building installation customers. In addition to a wide range of products, Wago offers support and training to its customers.

Weidmüller Suomi

Äyritie 8C / Vantaa
tel. 020 735 13 00


Weidmüller supports its customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. Weidmüller is continuously developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for customers´ individual needs. The Weidmüller Group owns manufacturing plants, sales companies and representatives in more than 80 countries. Weidmüller Finland was founded in 1.9.2012 and before that company Juha-Elektro represented Weidmüller in Finland more than 50 years.

Wera Tools Finland Oy

Vanha Kaarelantie 33 A / Vantaa
tel. 045 2069 556


We are the Tool Rebels, the rebels of the tool market. We love innovation. We love design. We love rock h'roll. We follow our own paths and are not content with current standards. We firmly believe that our inventive and unique screwdriving tools will make the lives of professionals easier, safer and more fun. Our range of over 3,000 top-quality screwdriving tools cover the needs of professionals in various trades.

Wibe group

Wibevägen 1 / Sweden


Wibe Group has almost 100 years history in developing and manufacturing cable support systems. Our brands Wibe, Defem, Stago and Mita are well known worldwide for their quality and innovations. We have always been curious and persistent in developing new solutions for our product ranges; cable ladders, trays, mesh trays and GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer trays. The basis of our product development is the ability to listen and talk with customers and find new solutions. The most recently our quick installation system CLX3. Quality is in our DNA, but Wibe Group's ambition is greater. People, innovation, sustainability are our keywords.

Wiha Finland Oy

Mäkituvantie 9 / Vantaa
tel. 044 231 9988


Wiha Werkzeuge GmbH, founded in 1939, is one of the leading manufacturers of hand tools for professionals in trade and industry with over 1000 employees worldwide. Wiha's headquarter and main manufacturing facilities are situated in Schwarzwald, Germany. Wiha is driven by consistently develop hand tool solutions based on users' actual needs and requirements. As a loyal partner to the specialist trade, Wiha provides the trade with comprehensive assistance, advice and conceptional instruments to pass on our solutions to the users.