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Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association
Annual Report 2022


A word from the Chair of the Board

The future is powered by electricity

The wholesale of electrotechnical products reached an all-time high in 2022. Its value was EUR 1,348 million, with an increase of 17.7% from the previous year.

This reflects high demand and the fact that electrotechnical companies maintained their ability to deliver despite the impacts of the pandemic and the war. 

There was a downturn in construction in the autumn, but projects in progress, new projects and renovations kept demand high throughout the year.

The increase in the number of electric cars boosted the electrotechnical trade. Our statistics on the sale of charging equipment show that businesses and limited liability housing companies are increasingly taking action. This trend is driven by changes in regulations and the incentives provided by society. Last year was also characterised by efforts to improve energy efficiency through smart building systems.

Society as a whole is now geared towards sustainable development. The electrotechnical trade plays an important role in implementing change in practice. We therefore need to ensure favourable conditions for our sector and remove obstacles to growth. 

Through the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, we affect decision-making in society and develop training for a new generation of experts.


Martti Forss, Chair of the Board


Key figures for 2022


The value of our wholesale sales reached an all-time high, increasing by 17.7% year-on-year.


Our sähkönumerot.fi product data service had 1.4 million sessions.


The number of new electric car charging devices installed in Finnish properties in 2022.


We had 100 members at the end of the year, meaning that our membership grew.

  Key themes in 2022   

Primary energy factor

We continued our determined work to bring about a change in the primary energy factor. At the end of the year, the European Commission proposed a primary energy factor of 1.9 for electricity.   


Energy efficiency directive

The proposal on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is important for us and Finland. Our work to ensure an optimal outcome continues. 



Increasing the quantity and quality of contact teaching in vocational education in the electrical sector was the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association’s main goal for the 2023 Government Programme negotiations between political parties. We actively engaged with political decision-makers, for example.


Development of charging infrastructure

We provided decision-makers in the public sector with information about the design and acquisition of charging infrastructure. We collect accurate statistics on the development of electric transport.

  Sustainably towards the future   

We seek to improve labour availability

Our growing sector needs a large number of new employees. The Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association has established a website where our member companies’ job vacancies are easy to find. Our campaigns stand out on social media, and we reach young people. 


The whole value chain benefits from product information

The detailed product information available at sähkönumerot.fi serves the entire sector. In 2022, we developed the open interfaces and functionalities of the database to enable the extensive use of product information in the retail value chain and electrical design. We also maintain a comprehensive statistical service.


Active advocacy 

We communicated goals based on our strategy for the Government Programme through various channels in cooperation with other operators. Our EU-level advocacy gained momentum when Sallamaari Muhonen, Managing Director of the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association, was elected as a member of the Board of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers (EUEW).


We look after the interests of our members

Representatives of our member companies form cooperation groups that actively establish our industry’s positions and guidelines on current issues. The experts at the Finnish Electrotechnical Trade Association’s office implement these guidelines.